Mac-A-Noodles (Gluten and Dairy Free Macaroni and “Cheese”)

With three little boys at home, who don’t eat gluten or dairy, I was on a mission to create something that would be a quick and easy lunch on busy days. After a couple of tries, I ended up with a blend of seasonings that I can easily mix with some macaroni noodles, avocado oil and unsweetened almond milk for an quick gluten and dairy free macaroni. At my house we call it Mac-A-Noodles because that’s what my oldest would call macaroni and cheese when he was really young (before we took out dairy). Since this doesn’t actually have cheese, the name Mac-A-Noodles is really fitting!


My boys get so excited when I make this! They like to add a little pepper on top of theirs. I usually serve this with some apple slices and cucumbers or carrots. It is nothing fancy but it comes together quick and I’m thankful to have it on busy days!

Mac-A-Noodles Powder

1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1 tbsp granulated garlic
1 tbsp granulated onion
1 tbsp sea salt
1/2 tsp dried mustard
2 tsp potato starch

Add all ingredients to a high powered blender. I use a Blendtec and love it. Mix until well blended and powder-like.

Makes 8 tablespoons.

Store in air-tight container. This is enough to make four batches of Mac-A-Noodles. See recipe below.

Mac-A-Noodles Meal

2 cups macaroni noodles (gluten & dairy free)
2 tbsp avocado or refined coconut oil (does not taste like coconut if refined)
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp Mac-A-Noodles powder

Boil the macaroni noodles.
Strain the noodles.
Add oil and almond milk to pan.
Add Mac-A-Noodles powder.
Stir until a thick sauce.
Add noodles back in.
Stir until it covers noodles.